Our horse breeding farm has 28 producing mares. The farm is located in Osca de Cinca in the region of Bajo Cinca (Huesca), which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful regions of Aragon. The farm has 50 Hectares, of which 10 Hectares are used for the horse breeding operation.

We began to breed in 1990, and we breed horses very functionally, without losing the essence of the true Pure Spanish Breed.

All the mares live in the countryside. Their foals are free outdoors until they are 30 months old when we transfer them to stables. This allows the horses to strengthen their bones and muscle structure, developing their natural gaits as much as possible. After the age of 30 months they begin exercise routines, but they will not be ridden until they are 42 months old.

The breeding farm blood lines used are the Yeguada Militar (the Military Stud) from which all the original mares have been obtained. The Yeguada Militar has produced famous horses like Agente, Maluso, Lebrijano III, Dérgano, Leviton, Ocle, Deco, Evento, and Jengue II.

In recent years we have expanded this line with a very controlled methodology, testing with stallions of the Lopez-Monis blood line, like Maimonides son of Orfebre, or Caolin son of Pedernal III.

Our objectives are to have the genetic, morphological and functional parameters be in line with the aforementioned origins in order to optimize the Pure Spanish Breed.

To summarize, our Mission for the magnificent animal that is the Spanish horse is to attain BEAUTY, CHARACTER and UTILITY FOR SPORTS.

Horses with Enchant